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With a mission to give every patient a chance to access the most advanced care available to enable a positive outcome, More ...

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Campaign Hotline: 020 3695 1790
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Join Mars in its mission to fight for life, 

to empower patients, and rewrite destinies.

Receiving a life-altering or life-threatening diagnosis is terrifying. It grips your heart and instills deep fear and distress.

Where should you turn?

What can you do? 

What options are available?

There's the conventional route, with its long waits, standard care, and predictable outcomes.

Then there's Mars.

With unwavering dedication, leveraging global advancements and breakthroughs, Mars empowers every patient with optimal treatment. It ensures that nothing hinders a patient's access to the care and resources they need. Mars refuses to let financial or physical barriers obstruct their path to recovery.

In the past year alone, Mars caseworkers handled 3428 new medical cases, investing countless hours and hundreds of thousands of pounds in researching the best medical approaches for optimal outcomes.

The dedicated team of 25 at Mars works tirelessly:

- Answering hundreds of calls daily

- Assessing over 20 new cases each day

- Coordinating with doctors and patients

- Scheduling crucial, life-saving appointments

- Organising the holiday walk-in medical center

Their relentless efforts, day and night, along with the staggering costs involved, place a heavy burden on Mars, but its work should not, and cannot, slow down.

Partner with Mars and own a share of this noble work! With an investment of £360, you can earn an everlasting share in Mars' crucial work!

Your donation will enable Mars to expand its services, effectively handle the increasing call volume, and continue saving lives every day. By partnering with Mars, you actively contribute to these life-saving activities.

Join Mars today with a generous donation!


Mars Org. Ltd

Sort code: 23-14-70
Account number: 93189217
IBAN: GB35 TRWI 2314 7093 1892 17