Light Up A Child's Life
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Migdal Ohr “Tower of Light” is Israel’s largest welfare non-profit educational network More ...

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Who We Are
Migdal Ohr “Tower of Light” is Israel’s largest welfare non-profit educational network that has been providing an enlightening framework of critical services and life-changing essential programmes to over 12,000 children annually, including orphans and those with special educational needs. For 50 years, and under the visionary leadership of our founder, and Israel Prize winner Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Migdal Ohr has been making a difference in the future of Israel.

Migdal Ohr’s facilities include dozens of day-care centres, preschools, primary and secondary schools, vocational schools and academic institutions, boarding schools, foster homes and after-school clubs. The children enrolled in these programmes come from religious and secular backgrounds, representing every ethnicity and diaspora community; some are native Israelis whilst others made aliyah, some are residents of Migdal ha’Emek whilst others come from further afield in Israel. Migdal Ohr provides a warm, supportive and loving home in every way possible, from accommodation, meals, clothing and health services to vocational and academic training, educational opportunities and cultural activities, as well as instilling Jewish and Zionist values.

Our Mission

No child should be lost in foster care or left to navigate life alone and, whilst most education programmes graduate students at the age of 18, expecting them to cope with the rigours of life on their own. Migdal Ohr uses a different approach to raise these children at-risk. Beyond providing a top-tier education, housing, food, clothing, medical care, and psychological counselling, we act as a surrogate family to create a feeling of security and warmth – something that was sorely lacking in their own homes. Migdal Ohr ensures that every orphaned and neglected child grows up in a community that loves them and enables them to thrive, raising generations of dignified, capable adults who are moving society forward, defying the odds, and exceeding even their own expectations.