About Our Crowdfunding Platform

We are the number one online platform for charity campaigns raising many millions and trusted by hundreds of not-for-profits.

CharityExtra has raised millions for not-for-profits, and was founded on the principle that charities should have the maximum opportunity to raise the funds they deserve for the work they do.

Crowdfunding is a unique and rewarding opportunity for charities. Crowdfunded campaigns can give charities the opportunity to raise money online easily and successfully.

What We Do

What We Do

We work hard every day, making sure that our crowdfunding platform is tailored, unique and rewarding for your charity.

Each person on our fantastic team uses their unique skills and passion to not only exceed your expectations but smash your goals!

From our client relations specialist, who cultivates a close relationship with you, to our cutting-edge tech team, striving to realise your vision, our entire team works energetically for you, for a smooth and seamless fundraising experience.

Our Passion

Our Passion

Our results speak for themselves.

Our passion, seen in all we do, together with our knowledge allows us to successfully guide and manage your team.

Our mission is to empower your charity to fundraise successful campaigns, going above and beyond what you ever thought possible, taking you to places you only imagined.

We have lots of experience

Our team have clear and defined roles, specialising in helping you at every stage.

Relationship Specialist

Relationship Manager

Develops a close relationship with your charity, understanding its needs, and enabling an easy fundraising experience.

Fundraising Specialist

Fundraising Specialists

Our expert team plan, strategise and guide you on a clear path to success.

Tech Team

Tech Team

Whether you are tech savvy or not, our team sets up and onboards you in an easy and friendly environment, enabling you to concentrate on fundraising.