Our Online Crowdfunding Services

CharityExtra is an advanced platform that allows charities to keep more while benefiting from the power of crowd-giving.

CharityExtra is an advanced platform that allows charities to keep more while benefiting from the power of crowd-giving.

At CharityExtra we have a range of services available, from Matching Campaigns to Timed based and Emergency Appeals. Please read below to find comprehensive information about each campaign type to better help you choose the campaign which is best for your charity’s requirements.



Matching Campaigns are great for charities which attract large donors and philanthropists. In a Matching Campaign large donors and philanthropists take it upon themselves to match each new donation that is obtained from others.

This means that each donation is worth double or even tripled once matched. Furthermore, the beauty of a Matching Campaign is that it incentivises people to donate, knowing that their donation will be matched.

Team Campaigns


For a Team Based Campaign to work, having a strong team behind you is a critical. You will need a key group of people who are as passionate about your project as you are.

Our Team Based Campaigns work by providing team members with their own individual page. They will be provided with their own unique link and goal and they can track who sends them donations personally. All these individual pages will work together towards the campaign total.

Timed Campaigns


Time based campaigns are great for charities looking to concentrate their efforts on raising money in a short period of time for a specific cause. Using this method on CharityExtra’s unique platform, charities have been able to raise millions in 24-48 hours.

Timed campaigns work so well by having your entire team working together, enabling everyone to support each other. This method enables large sums to be raised in a short amount of time.

Permanent Page


Charites can opt to have a permanent donation page. This service provides an easy link for all your payment options as well as a platform for easy reporting. Advantages of having a permanent donation page are:

Multiple payment integrations

Powerful reporting

Automated receipts

Ease of use

Bespoke look and feel

And many other features including recurring payments, categorised donations and loads more. Contact us!

Capital Campaigns


Capital Campaigns are focused on not-for-profits who are looking to raise money for building, extensions and refurbishments. CharityExtra will help you raise large sums of money using capital campaigns so that your charity can upgrade its premises.

Emergency Appeals


Be it a natural disaster or a global tragedy, CharityExtra can help your charity with emergency appeals. We will help you by providing the logistics and messaging needed to push out your campaign and help you meet your goals.

Our online platform is clear and straightforward to use. Alongside this clean workflow, we offer enhanced functionality that will help you raise funds.

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, each charity gets a personalised webpage that reflects what they want and with unique features that others don’t have. Each charity should have the chance to stand out!

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